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Metall Nordwestschweiz

Boschert supports the association "Metall Nordwestschweiz" with a notcher LB 12/4 on the this year careers exhibition.
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Open house BTMO

Pictures from open house at BTMO in France.
  • BTMO_2015_1
  • BTMO_2015_2
  • BTMO_2015_3

Exhibition Algeria 2015

Picture form exhibition in Algier, Algeria.
  • Boschert_Algir_Industrie_2015_1
  • Boschert_Algir_Industrie_2015_2
  • Boschert_Algir_Industrie_2015_3

Machtool 2015

Pictures from Machtool 2015 in Poznan (Poland)
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  • IMG_6033
  • IMG_6034

Blech India 2015

Pictures from Blech India 2015.
  • IMG_4422
  • IMG_4423
  • IMG_4424

ICE 2015

Visit us on ICE 2015 from 10.-12.3.15 in München / germany.


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