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Plug & Play tension control

- easy installation
- constant web tension regardless of diameter
- ultrasonic sensor for diameter calculation
- very easy use


Easy Wind: Standard solution for one roll
Easy Wind Twin: For 2 rolls (2 sensors, one control unit)
Easy Wind Sensitive: Each brake caliper can be shut on or off individually
Technical data  
Control unit (W x H x D): 300 x 300 x 120 mm
Sensor: 88 x 30 x 65 mm
Connection values : 230 V / 50 Hz / 30 W
Compressed air : max. 7 bar filtered 0,3 μm
Output pressure: max. 5 bar
Roll/lap/reel-Ø: max. 1600 mm
Enclosure protection level: IP54

Further versions on request.

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Version 12/2018
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