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The enterprise Boschert GmbH + Co KG established its international reputation through its notching and punching machine program and is well-known to every sheet-metal working company. Continuous development and integration of new ideas and pragmatically values have made the Boschert company the world-wide patentee of the folding joint. The company has also set new standards in the field of safety chuck techniques.

Boschert, a company with perspectives, will continue to adhere to his principles and to supply the market with innovative and high-quality products. Satisfied customers have been our motivation in the past and will be our commitment in the future. Our utmost goal for the future will be to supply products which deserve the predicate "Made in Germany".

Boschert presents a new production range of machines with a series of press brake and shears. This new production line was born because of need to be able to provide to the customer a full solution concerning the sheet metal possessing machinery. Boschert has established in Greece a new joint venture company in a brand new factory along with Gizelis SA., This Greek manufacturer has produced more than 2000 machines till now in the 35 years of it´s operation. Boschert German and quality along with Gizelis experience on this specific field ensures that the customer is going to get the best solution. Simply the best.















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